romantic shit

I like to whisper romantic shit after sex like "Hey... Go Home."


Post Random Shit Here

It’s Poop.

I Have A Surprise For You...

Crazy Sh*t

That's some Crazy Sh*t

You Again

Oh Shit Not You Again


Hello? Is anyone there??

All Boxes

I was born in a box, I live in a box, I sleep in a box, My food comes from a box, I shit in a box, It's all boxes man.

No Bad Words

I have no bad words for anyone. I don't care if you talk shit about me. I aint got shit to say about you.

Toilet Paper

Reasons to put your toilet paper on, properly


OOMPA LOOMPA DOOPITY DOO I Left a present in one of your shoes

Turd Burgler

I don't want to start any trouble, but i think this guy just stole all your shit.

Get Well

I wrote you a get well card. I hope you recover from your shitty personality.

Eat Pussy

Don't Just Eat Pussy. Devour That Shit ;)

Daily Bullshit

Whenever you finish your daily bullshit and remember you got some weed waiting for you at the house

Earn it

Shit Hallway

I'm so happy your home! Someone SHIT in the hallway

Your Clone

That moment when your clone starts doing dumb shit


Look at this shit here ! ! !