This Shit

Single - Taken - Tired of seeing this shit


Trusting people has made me the asshole I am today

towards you

When you fart and someone walks toward you

Needs Viagra

They listen to everything but only hear what they want to!!!

Love Fuck

If You Love It - Fuck It - If It Comes Back - Fuck It Again - If It Doesn't Then - Fuck It


I Bet An Asshole Sleeps In This Tent


My Hobbies Include Posting Shit That Pisses People Off.

Funny Shit

Funny Shit


Mind Fuck

Mind Fuck = When you shit bricks, you'll see it.

with you

I post real shit, I post bullshit, i post funny shit, I post stupid shit I Just be posting shit, and that don't mean my post got shit to do with you


My next door neighbor knocked on my door and accused me of stealing her underwear Off her clothes line. I was so shocked I nearly Shit her pants.

Shitty Job

Your Shitty Job is better that his.

Phone number

Doctor, My man wants to have wild sex all day long - What can I give him?


farewell shitty day do not forget to f*** thyself on the way out

G Spot

Found It...


I'm not a Proctologist but i know an asshole when I see one


Be Fearless. Fart as loud as your anus will allow.